skills for hills

It is proven that exercise reduces the risk of cancers such as breast cancer, bowel, and lung cancer and can help patients cope with the psychological and social effects of cancer.

What is Skills for Hills?

“The benefits of the great outdoors is a concept that few of us are not familiar with. Be it an afternoon stroll with the family, or topping out on an ice strewn peak poking through the clouds, the benefits are there, and they are there for everyone.

For me, being outdoors has played a massive part in my recovery, both after shortly losing my father to cancer and after receiving my own diagnosis. Stripping away our everyday lives and stepping into the rawest environments nature has to offer is one of the purest ways to truly feel alive.

The great outdoors is a place glistening with lure, however, it is also a dangerous place. A sudden change in weather or a misplaced step can cause a serious incident. Whilst I encourage anyone to seek adventure in the pursuit of a healthier mindset, I would also encourage everyone to do so with the right skill foundation.

I aim to run a free monthly skills course covering the basics of safe practice when hillwalking. Each event will have varying focuses, and occasionally include guest attendees who will further help impart knowledge to anyone joining the course. Cancer has played a massive part in my life, and I understand all too well the benefits of the outdoors when recovering from such a disease, but each course will also support those from all walks of life, facing different mental health hurdles.

If you or someone you know is interested in attending one of the events, please fill in the form below. As soon as dates are available (pending next Welsh COVID review) I will be in touch with booking links. Please note that dates are made available as soon as possible, but spots are limited, and fill up fast.

I can’t wait to meet you in the hills!


Bookings are not been taken at the moment (due to unclear Welsh COVID restrictions). Please fill in this form to receive an availability notification as soon as bookings open.